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Business souvenirs and VIP gifts to order
Jewelry atelier
Diamond-Gift is a structural unit of the jewelry atelier 3D-diamond engaged in the development and manufacture of branded promotional products from precious metals using precious and semi-precious inserts, as well as jewelry enamels.
In other words we make pins/cufflinks/keyrings and various products
with your company logo of gold/silver/platinum (and not only)
with enamels/diamonds and more.
About the atelier
3D-diamond's key to success is human hands. The hands of patient and creative craftsmen, through which the exceptional works of the Atelier pass. We consider our most valuable treasure to be those who take part in the creation of extraordinary products. The precious creations of 3D-Diamond owe their birth to the glorious traditions of High Jewelry, the highest craftsmanship of representatives of a wide variety of specialties: artists, jewelers, wax model makers, foundry workers, fixers, gem experts, assemblers, polishers... Every jeweler who will work with your order, has more than ten years of experience in their industry. In order to guarantee the highest quality of our products, we are constantly improving production processes and contributing to sharing the secrets of the craft with the next generations of craftsmen.

The founder of 3D-diamond
Ilya Peskov

Dear colleagues!

The 3D-DIAMOND company has been in the jewelry market since 2012. We control the high quality of our products at all stages of production: from sketch and model to finished product. Each jeweler who will work with your order has at least ten years of experience in their industry. In order to guarantee high quality, we are constantly improving production processes and adopting the secrets of the craft from the older generations of craftsmen. This continuity and competence in the culture of the company is a guarantee of trust among customers and employees.

At the moment, "3D-DIAMOND" is actively developing the line of business souvenirs and corporate gifts. This direction is fully consistent with the mission and values of our company. We see them in the fact that our gifts help companies and organizations operating in various areas of business in Russia and abroad to establish warmer and more trusting relationships with their employees, clients and partners.

We make not just a product, but we embody an idea that will bring additional success.
Samples of our products
Jewelry atelier 3D-Diamond has many years of experience in the production of exclusive jewelry. We love our job and know how to do it professionally. Each of our brainchild is a work of art, which we treat carefully, seriously and with awe, like a masterpiece, at all stages of its creation: from developing a layout to handing it over to the customer.
Why we are proud of our jewelry
We are trustworthy
Here are just some of the organizations that we were able to please with our pins.
Why you will like to work with us
Diamond-Gift is your reliable supplier
    Diamond-Gift has a professional team that is able, in cooperation with your representatives, to select the type of product that is best suited to solving specific business or personnel problems, and then bring the order to the required production result, which exactly meets corporate standards.
    Many years of experience in the Russian market allow us to achieve the ultimate optimization of production processes and offer you the most favorable terms for the purchase of our products.
    An individual approach to cooperation on all your projects is a rule for us, and we are sure that we will always find ways to satisfy your requests regarding the final product.
    We value your time and always focus on the shortest terms of launching products into production and prompt delivery. For us, compliance with the contractual deadlines and the quality of the supplied products is a matter of professional reputation and a factor of market success.
  • FAST
    We work as fast as jewelry production technology allows.

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    Production: 107076, Moscow, Stromynka St., 18

    Office: 117342, Moscow, Butlerova St., 17

    Phone/whats app: +7 925 088 95 55

    E-mail: zakaz@3d-diamond.ru